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Campusrave: Privacy Policy for the Fun-Seekers (Last Updated: 2024-01-04)

Yo, Party People!

Welcome to Campusrave, where epic events meet tech-savvy peeps like you. This privacy policy isn't just legal mumbo jumbo – it's about your data and how we keep it safe, so you can party hard with peace of mind.

Think of it like this:

You hand us your info (name, email, maybe that embarrassing college dance video you used for verification – no worries, it's deleted) so we can hook you up with the hottest gigs, smoothest ticketing, and maybe even some exclusive deals. We use this info like a backstage pass to make your experience awesome, but we'd never share it with the paparazzi (we've gat your back…).

Here's the lowdown:

What We Collect:

  • The Essentials: Name, email, phone number, and sometimes, your ID like a student card (gotta make sure you're old enough to rock!).
  • The Party Tracks: We track how you groove across our platform, what events you dig, and what tickets you snag. No creepy stalker vibes, just optimizing your Campusrave experience.
  • Pricing Policy: CampusRave strives to offer you superior ticket deals compared to other platforms. While a nominal booking fee of 10% is applied, significant events or high-value tickets may receive discounts at the discretion of the management.
    The booking fee serves to cover our merchant fees, expenses related to credit/debit card processing services, and other essential services provided by our ticketing company.
How We Use It:

  • Ticketing Triumphs: We use your info to make buying tickets a breeze, send you confirmation emails, and keep you in the loop about event updates (like if your favourite celebrities shows up, you'll be the first to know!).
  • Personalized Poppin': We use your party preferences to recommend events you'll love, offer you exclusive deals, and make Campusrave your go-to source for unforgettable experience.
  • Keeping It Legal: Sometimes, the law throws down a dance move we have to follow. In these rare cases, we might need to share your info, but only if a judge throws down a subpoena or something equally dramatic.
Don't Worry, Be Happy:

  • Your Data, Your Control: You can update your info, unsubscribe from emails, and even see what data we have on you anytime. Think of it like your personal VIP backstage area.
  • Security Squad: We keep your info like Fort Knox with firewalls, encryption, and all the fancy techy stuff to make sure those party crashers don't get in.
  • Kids Stay Out: This platform is 18+ only. If you're not old enough to legally rock out, step aside and let the adults have their fun (don't worry, there's plenty of time for you to join the party later!).
Changes and Stuff:

We might have to update this policy now and then, but we'll always let you know if we do any major moves.

Got Questions? We Got Answers:

If this policy has you scratching your head like you forgot the lyrics to your favorite song, hit us up at info@campusrave.com.ng We're always happy to chat about your data and make sure you're feeling the groove.

Remember, at Campusrave, your privacy is our top priority. Now go forth, party people, and make some unforgettable memories!